Actual Archaelogy: The first Temple of the World GOBEKLITEPE


Just ten years ago, an important development occurred in hu­mankind’s history in Anatolia. This development displayed the ne­cessity of rewriting history all over again, changing all the previous understandings of scientists, who will probably investigate this new discovery for several centuries. A new archaeological site called Göbekli Tepe was unearthed in the region between the Euphrates and the Tigris rivers. Challenging the most widely-accepted facts, a sanctuary was built for hunter-gatherers who are known to have lived as migrants in the region. It was the first structure of its kind in the world and this fascinating and mysterious building was built almost thirteen or fourteen millennia ago. T-shaped monumental obelisks which form round enclosures and decorated with carved reliefs of animals dazzled the scientists. A lot of questions have been asked which cannot be answered yet. Who were these people? What was their aim with building these structures? How did they build such a gorgeous building? Anatolia opened its doors to a mys­tery and history is to be rewritten.

Şanlıurfa, where Göbekli Tepe was discovered, is an important junction for humanity and religious history. The world’s oldest hu­man statue was unearthed in this region as well. Göbekli Tepe has registered its name in the history of the world.

It is not the only wonder with which Anatolia provides us. In recent years, Yeşilova Höyük, which is situated in the prehistoric residential area of Izmir and was settled almost 6-7 thousand years ago, reveals important aspects of human history. Leaving the first settlers of Aegean Region, we move along to the most beautiful an­cient city of the region: Assos, the city of philosophers. An acad­emy was established here and philosophers invited to the city gave lessons in the gorgeous theatre. The magnificent Athena Temple is still standing intact on top of the Assos acropolis. Antandros, which is situated on the Aegean coast, tells us the story of the quar­rel amongst goddesses and also the eternal love of Paris. Antandros was the venue of the first beauty contest in the world. Another an­cient city, Stratonikeia, represents a living history in a modern city. You should come and see all the wonders of ANATOLIA and listen to the amazing stories that ANATOLIA tells you.

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