What is iBooSelf? 

Nov. 9, 2018 

“iBooSelf” is a digital publishing software program that enables anyone to have their own cover and inside pages whenever they want and place the content quickly and simultaneously. Think of a publication like a magazine, a catalog, a journal or a book on the internet. You change the cover and content whenever you want.  The usage of this program is wide range of area textile to chemistry, educational institutions to government bodies,  hotels to travel agencies, haspitals to fitness centers,  shopping malls to independent  sellers and etc. 


Let’s say you have a textile company with a season’s products catalog. You place your catalog to online with iBooSelf.  You take a picture of your client and upload that picture to server and your client is on the cover of your catalog as a model.  You give the link of that catalog generated by iBooSelf  to your client who shares it on social media.  So your clients help your catalog to be delivered wide range of people on social media. 


iBooSelf is a unique program for Universities as well. It helps each student to publish their own stories, news and contents quickly and easily. In this case,  students helps university to reach wide range of geographical areas in the globe.


iBooSelf also enables owner of the publications and clients to stay in contact all the time as long as clients using the publications.  For instance,  you have an hospital and you generated a baby album for each infant.  When the families share the album,  you may stay in touch with the mother any time by placing an ad, flashing button like “your Dr. reminds!”, or “Advices from your Doctor” stating a kind of news for infant, ask mother to contact Dr. or hospital.   


Is iBooSelf a self publishing program?  


No. It is a program controlled by the owner of the publisher.  Publisher allows user to use limited pages including cover in the publication. 


What else can you do with iBooSelf?


  • iBooSelf publications are faster from opening to viewing pages. 
  • iBooSelf publications have been tailor made for desktops and mobile devices so you can inspire your customers on the most popular devices.
  • It’s touch optimized
  • The search box allows your customers to get a brief look at what they can find.  Users can search through the text of your online publication to find exactly what they want.
  • Your customers quickly navigate to other pages or any other sources from the links.
  • If your client prefer PDF rather then the digital publication, we've got you covered. Simply click the PDF button from the bar and get the PDF doc. 
  • It's easy to print the pages of your publication.
  • Users can easily share the digital publications to Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, or via email.
  • You can add multimedia like videos and audios to inspire and engage your customers
  • iBooSelf allows your customers to shop from your publication by integrating the product pages and the shopping cart from your online store
  • SEO friendly.  Publication content can be indexed easily by search engines.
  • Access statistics including homepage visits, publications reads and etc.
  • iBooSelf enables readers take notes on screen, paste a post-it, draw a something on screen and save it for future use.