AS A MAN THINKETH by James Allen

James Allen was a British writer who wrote mostly about every- day philosophy for the lay person and was in a sense, a pioneer of the self help movement. His books and poems were inspirational pieces, meant to help people realize their own powers and take charge of their lives rather than being mere tools in the hands of destiny. Born in a working class family in Leicester, England, Al- len and his younger brother grew up in straitened circumstances. His father, a factory worker, traveled to America in search of a better job, but was tragically attacked and killed by criminals in New York. James, the older son, was compelled to leave school and seek work back in England.
“This book was a complete life change for me. My entire life I have always been moody, emotionally unstable, tossed to and fro by my thoughts, bub- bling with enthusiasm one moment and then sulking in a stupor the next. My last relationship was destroyed by such a mindset. Although I had ideas of what had gone wrong, this book eloquently expounded on ideas that I had vague thoughts of, but was unable to put into words. The rst time I was able to put the knowledge I learned from this book into practice was a emotionally explosive moment as I realized that I nally was able to control my thoughts and take a hold of my mind. Would highly recommend this book to any and all.” Josh Person 

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  • 1 – Thought and Character (download)
  • 2 – Effect of Thought on Circumstances (download)
  • 3 – Effect of Thought on Health and the Body (download)
  • 4 – Thought and Purpose (download)
  • 5 – The Thought-Factor in Achievement (download)
  • 6 – Visions and Ideals (download)